London: 2000 Years of History

LONDON: 2000 YEARS OF HISTORY tells the tale of how an uninhabitable swamp became one of the largest and most famous cities in the world. Presenters Dan Jones (Secrets of Great British Castles), Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb (Elizabeth I), and Rob Bell (Great British Royal Ships) use special access to explore the glorious, and often gory, history of England's capital.

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Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020 - 10:00 PM

Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb investigates what Westminster Abbey can tell us about the competition between the Crown and the City. She also gets special permission to explore the cellars below the Ministry of Defence where she discovers a hidden treasure of Tudor London: the one remaining room from Henry VIII's private "pleasure palace." Dan Jones reveals the little-known true story of the super-rich businessman-turned-mayor, Dick Whittington, who held ultimate control over the fortunes of Kings. He also heads to the Museum of London to find out what the bones of 14th-century Londoners can tell us about one of the most devastating disease epidemics in the city's history: the Black Death. At the same time, Rob Bell unpacks the architectural innovations which have shaped some of London's most spectacular buildings, such as Westminster Hall, and explores how the fabulous riches plundered by Elizabethan adventurers bailed out the Queen and transformed the city. G
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