Reconnecting Roots

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Saturday, Nov 21, 2020 - 11:30 AM
"Religion: Church In States"
From tents to steeples to megachurches: how religious groups have divided, multiplied, and united Americans for generations. ALT: What does religious freedom mean to America today? Gabe travels to Flushing, New York - the birthplace of spiritual liberty in America - to find out. Quaker Meetinghouse: Flushing, NYC (Queens); Gina Minielli (New York City); Nancy Bruno (New York City); Round Table at Flushing Free Synagogue: (All from Queens - Flushing, NYC); Alan J. Brava; John Choe; Caroline Lane; Ravi Vaidyanaat Sivachariar; Reverend Rosemarie Newberry; Central City Community Outreach: Coffee & Karaoke: Los Angeles, CA (Skid Row); Tony Stallworth - Pastor - Los Angeles, CA; Scott Chamberlain - Pastor - Los Angeles, CA; Jefferson St. D
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